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Willing, caring, hard-working volunteers keep the Capital City Activity Center/Meals on Wheels Greater Frankfort alive and well--and open. The Center could never operate at the level it does without many, many volunteers.  


Capital City Activity Center/Meals on Wheels Greater Frankfort is in need of volunteers for the following:

Meal drivers. Volunteers come to the Center about 10:30 am, pick up the 15-20 meals for a route and deliver these meals to these seniors. After finishing the route, drivers bring the coolers and hot boxes back to the Center. Delivering these meals takes about 3 hours per day, and you can volunteer to deliver meals once a month, once a week or more. Please call Pam, 502-223-5794, or email her, pmoore@fccoa.com, for additional information. 

Kitchen workers. This volunteer works in the kitchen to help prepare meals for home delivery and drive by pick up lunches  for seniors in Franklin County. You can volunteer to help out in the kitchen one to five days a week. Please call Marchele, 502-223-5794, or email her, mjenkins@fccoa.com, for additional information. 

Lunch servers. These volunteers are at the Center from about 10:30 - 12:30 each day. They serve meals to seniors who eat lunch in the dining room. You can volunteer to serve daily, one day a week, or whatever meets your schedule. If you're interested, contact Andra at 502-223-5794 or email her, volunteer@fccoa.com.